Richard Linklater’s ‘School of Rock’ Is Coming to Broadway
Director Richard Linklater is having a pretty great year. He’s making his next movie just as his last one, Boyhood, is on its way to a possible Oscar or two. But despite a resume of absolutely amazing films (Before Sunset,
‘American Sniper’ Trailer: Bradley Cooper Breaks Down
There’s a new American Sniper trailer, and if this second look at Clint Eastwood‘s film about decorated Navy sniper Chris Kyle isn’t as tense and perfect as the first trailer, it does show off a lot more of Bradley Cooper‘s
Han Solo and Princess Leia Cast for ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Live Read
Thursday night is Jason Reitman‘s biggest live read yet. Literally. He and his cast will read Irvin Kershner‘s landmark sci-fi sequel, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and the venue has been changed from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
First Look: Jessica Chastain in ‘Crimson Peak’
Guillermo del Toro and Legendary Pictures are following Pacific Rim with Crimon Peak, a horror thriller in the grand old “big haunted house” mode, but with a cast and budget that are more typical of today’s tentpole films. The cast
The Films of Stanley Kubrick Ranked: Noir, War, and the Outer Reaches of Existence
There isn’t a thing that hasn’t been written about the films of Stanley Kubrick. His films have been celebrated and reviled; some originally reviled have been reassessed as masterpieces; reams of copy have been written on even his least-appreciated movies.
‘True Story’ Trailer: Jonah Hill Seeks the Truth About James Franco
If you’re disappointed you’ll no longer be able to see James Franco‘s interview skills in The Interview next week, maybe True Story can help scratch that itch. Directed by Rupert Goold, the Sundance drama sees Franco engaging in an entirely
Pac-Man Themed Restaurant Will Open Near Chicago in 2015
Pac-Man eats. That’s just what he does. No matter what iteration or spinoff of the classic game you play, the circular yellow guy opens and closes his mouth incessantly and ingests everything in his path, from fruit to dots and
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iconComing Soon

Batman: Arkham Knight’s Titular Villain Lands on the Cover of Edge
The final chapter will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 2, 2015The post Batman: Arkham Knight’s Titular Villain Lands on the Cover of Edge appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Exclusive Photos from Captain Fantastic, Starring Viggo Mortensen
Coming to theaters in 2015The post Exclusive Photos from Captain Fantastic, Starring Viggo Mortensen appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Bradley Cooper Takes Aim in a New American Sniper Trailer
The Clint Eastwood-directed film tells the true story of the most lethal sniper in US historyThe post Bradley Cooper Takes Aim in a New American Sniper Trailer appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Check Out a Promo for Season 2 of WGN America’s Salem
The original series returns in April 2015The post Check Out a Promo for Season 2 of WGN America’s Salem appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
James Franco and Jonah Hill Take a Serious Turn in the True Story Trailer
Rupert Goolds dramatic thriller hits theaters April 10, 2015The post James Franco and Jonah Hill Take a Serious Turn in the True Story Trailer appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
The Trailer for A Little Chaos, Directed by Alan Rickman
Kate Winslet stars in the romantic drama, set to hit theaters March 27, 2015The post The Trailer for A Little Chaos, Directed by Alan Rickman appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
The Trailer for The Duke of Burgundy
A tale of erotic brinksmanship between two women, The Duke of Burgundy opens in select theaters January 23The post The Trailer for The Duke of Burgundy appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
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iconLatino Review

New Trailer Hits for 'American Sniper'
One before its release Warner Bros. Pictures has revealed a brand new trailer for Clint Eastwoods upcoming film, “American Sniper,” starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military
Guys, It's Chris Pratt With A Raptor!
Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow sure likes using his twitter account reveal images to the public. A few months back he gave us our first indirect look at one of the
Carell & Verbinski Respond To Their Film Becoming A #SonyHack Casualty
Another one bites the dust...In the wake of yesterdays announcement that they were pulling the plug on The Interview, canceling its December 25 premiere, another film set in North Korea has
Andy Serkis Addresses Recent Rumors About His 'Star Wars' Character(s)
A few weeks back, a rumor began making its way around these here interwebs that Andy Serkis would be playing not one but two roles in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The rumor came
Last Minute Holiday Blu-Ray Gift Guide
Tick tock. Tick tock.Only one week left before Christmas.Now it’s crunch time to get those holiday gifts and stocking stuffers on a short notice. And these Blu-rays will make fine
Whatcha Think? ‘The Interview’ Cancelled in Theaters
Guardians of Peace won. North Korea won. Sony Pictures lost.Sony Pictures pulled “The Interview” from all theater chains after allowing movie theaters the option to stop or delay the release
MARVELOUS DA7E 76: Spider-Update and LEGO Age Of Ultron
WELCOME TO ISSUE 76!IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME HERE: Welcome! This is my weekly column where I talk about superhero movie news, rumors and speculation. THIS WEEK: A mostly hack-free column (one
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Pixels Banners Strike The Planet
Attack of the blocksYou have to feel for the big, iconic cities of the world. If they’re not being lashed by crummy weather, they’re being targeted by alien invaders and other cinematic
Jim Carrey May Go Into Deep Cover
Hes considering a new comedy pitchThe reviews may have been, to put it kindly, mixed for Dumb And Dumber To, but production company Red
Chris Pratt Features In A New Jurassic World Image
Happy Holidays from him and his raptorIt’s nearly Christmas, and seasonal cards have naturally been flinging between friends, family and giant corporations (heck, Empire has a nifty example this
Sony Cancels Release Of The Interview
Seth Rogen film on hold after hack attack and warningsStill suffering the wide-ranging effects of the hacking attack on its servers that left private information
The Hobbit The Battle Of The Five Armies Podcast Spoiler Special #2
Featuring Thorin himself, Richard ArmitageLike The Hobbit itself, Empires The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies spoiler special podcast has been divided into multiple parts.The
Neil Gaiman Wants Tom Hiddleston For Sandman
Cheekbones: Check. English accent: check. After years of wallowing in believed-unfilmable development hell, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman appears to be creeping closer to actually hitting
First Clip From Absolutely Anything
Simon Pegg has the powerIf you’d been wondering what it would look like if Simon Pegg talked to a dog – no, not Colin from Spaced – and the dog talked back...
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Marvel News: New Daredevil pic and James Gunn teases Star-Lord's father
With all of the craziness going on in the world today, specifically the fallout from the cancellation of THE INTERVIEW, shockwaves continue to echo and affect movie productions. First it was Steve Carell and Gore Verbinskis
Alan Rickman directs Kate Winslet in the trailer for A Little Chaos
Alan Rickman has been as popular than ever in recent years thanks to his role as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films. While I doubt Rickman will ever have an issue getting work, it is
First official image and synopsis for Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak
Guillermo Del Toros CRIMSON PEAK has promised to be a return to the Gothic haunted house films of a bygone era. With a cast as talented as Charlie Hunnam, Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, and Jessica Chastain,
UPDATE: Alamo Drafthouse theaters will NOT show Team America
UPDATE: Chalk another one up the hacker-terrorists. Apparently, the TEAM AMERICA screening has been canceled by the Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas/Fort Worth and The Plaza Atlanta Theater. See their official announcement here (which seems to blame
Bradley Cooper endures in the new trailer for American Sniper
U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle served through four harrowing tours of duty in Iraq, personifying the spirit of the SEAL creed to “leave no one behind.” Clint Eastwood's AMERICAN SNIPER will tell that story with Bradley
Gore Verbinski and Steve Carell respond to cancelled North Korean thriller
When Sony announced that it was pulling THE INTERVIEW from a theatrical release, it wasnt long after that PYONGYANG, the North Korean thriller to be directed by Gore Verbinski (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, THE RING) and
Exclusive Cool Video: The Interview censored trailer
We here at JoBlo are as passionate as you are when it comes to film, and we fully support the endeavors of artists everywhere . . . as long as no one anywhere is offended by
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iconAin't It Cool News

Mesmerizing, Seductive Trailer for THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY!
THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY tells story of a BDSM relationship between a woman who studies butterflies and her domestic servant. It has been highly praised on the festival circuit for a number of reasons.Read the full article on AICN Hey
Jessica Chastain glowers in 19th century garb in this still from CRIMSON PEAK!
Guillermo Del Toro's film also stars Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, and Charlie Hunnam.Read the full article on AICN Here it is, our first official look at Guillermo Del Toros next via this still of Jessica Chastains character. The Academy Award-nominee plays
Jon Favreau drops a sweet BTS shot from his JUNGLE BOOK flick!
Do I spy the silhouette of little Mowgli? I think I do!Read the full article on AICN Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Jon Favreau has had a bit of a brutal post-Marvel run with Cowboys and Aliens not hitting as intended
Jonah Hill and James Franco team up again in the trailer for thriller TRUE STORY!
True Story is, believe it or not, based on a true story. Crazy, right? Anyway, it premieres at Sundance next month, but all of us non-Sundancers can see the trailer now!Read the full article on AICN Ahoy, squirts! Quint here
AICN HORROR’s CANNIBAL HORRORCAST gets spooked with A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT and LET ME IN vs LET THE RIGHT ONE IN!Read the full article on AICN Ambush Bug here another edition of our AICN HORROR Podcast CANNIBAL
Capone talks about the scariest movie of the year with THE BABADOOK writer-director Jennifer Kent
Capone talks about the scariest movie of the year with THE BABADOOK writer-director Jennifer KentRead the full article on AICN Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. Australian writer-director Jennifer Kent has made the scariest and most compelling film of the
Behold A New Poster For STRANGE MAGIC!!
The film releases January 23.Read the full article on AICN Here’s a new poster for STRANGE MAGIC, a title once rumored to be associated with a FROZEN sequel or spin-off, but now understood to be a new George Lucas produced
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iconMTV Movies

A Brief History Of North Korea’s Bizarre Relationship With American Entertainment
The Interview isnt the first time that North Korea and American media have come to blows.
Here Are The Perfect Gifts For The Undercover ‘Harry Potter’ Fan In Your Life
Check out these gifts for the sophisticated, undercover Harry Potter nerd in your life. Accio awesome.
The White House Is Considering A ‘Serious’ Response To The Sony Hack
The White House weighs in on the Sony hack, as well as the pulling of The Interview from theaters.
Mark Wahlberg Just Found A ‘Transformers’ Sequel
Mark Wahlberg weighs in on when Transformers 5 might start shooting.
Shailene Woodley Had The Most Important Haircut Of 2014
What was the most important haircut of 2014? Shailene Woodleys, and heres why.
Here’s How Canceling ‘The Interview’ Changed ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2′
Guardians of the Galaxy director took to Instagram in the wake of The Interview being pulled to make a sharp joke with a very strong point.
Here’s What James Franco Was Doing While ‘The Interview’ Died
While The Interview was pulled from theaters, stars James Franco and Seth Rogen had very different responses - or lack thereof.
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Watch the Producers from INTERSTELLAR, BOYHOOD, BIRDMAN and More Talk the Studio Culture, China(...)
The folks at THR have released yet another roundtable interview, this time focusing on producers.  Emma Thomas (Interstellar), Cathleen Sutherland (Boyhood), Eric Fellner (The Theory of Everything), John Lesher (Birdman, Fury), Marc Platt (Into the Woods), and Peter Chernin (Dawn
ANNIE Review
The story of Annie, whether its in the comics, the stage play, the 1982 adaptation, or Will Glucks new, updated version, requires relentless positivity to combat its cynical message.  Annie must devote an entire song to the power of optimism
New Trailer for Director Alan Rickman’s A LITTLE CHAOS Starring Kate Winslet
Focus Features has released a new A Little Chaos trailer for director Alan Rickman’s upcoming romantic drama.  The film stars Kate Winslet as a talented landscape designer who is chosen to build one of the main gardens at King Louis
Alamo Drafthouse and other Theaters Denied Permission to Show TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE
This is why we cant have nice things when people give into terrorism.  Terrorism wants us to be afraid, and fear causes people to make bad decisions.  Movie theaters—places where people are already reluctant to go for a variety of
Near the end of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Robin Williams talks to Ben Stiller about accepting when it’s time to bid farewell to a loved one. The film is filled with flaccid attempts to pull at
Edgar Wright, Cary Fukunaga, Winona Ryder, Jonathan Nolan, and More Set for Sundance 2015 Juries
The juries for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival have been announced, and there are some really talented people set to preside over the upcoming fest.  Edgar Wright, Winona Ryder, and True Detective director Cary Fukunaga are among those set for
New AMERICAN SNIPER Trailer Offers a Longer Look at Clint Eastwood’s Military Drama
Warner Bros. has released a new American Sniper trailer for director Clint Eastwood’s film about U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.  The trailer is a bit misleading in that the full film doesn’t
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iconRotten Tomatoes

2014 Toronto Film Critics Association Awards: Boyhood Named Best Film of the Year
Following a live vote on Sunday, December 14, the TFCA announced the winners of their annual awards on Monday, December 15, though the awards themselves will be presented to winners at a gala on January 6, 2015. Once again, Richard
Video: Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis Sing Spice Girls
In the musical remake Annie, Cameron Diaz plays Miss Hannigan, who in this version of the film, is a singer who failed to join any number of 90s pop super groups. Grae Drake asks Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané Wallis, Rose Byrne,
Video: Orphan Black Season Three Teaser
See the new teaser for season three of Orphan Black, coming to BBC America on April 18!
Sony Pulls The Interview From December 25 Release
No plans for a VOD debut, either.
Ben Stiller's 10 Best Movies
Though hes primarily known for playing guys who have a hard time doing anything right, Ben Stiller is one of the most successful talents in Hollywood -- a writer/director/actor whose occasional wanderings into critically Rotten territory havent put a dent
Weekly Binge: Broad City
Once a cult hit web series and now a critically acclaimed TV series, Comedy Centrals Broad City is the perfect sick day binge. We wont tell you what you should be doing while watching Abbi and Ilanas totally raunchy, completely
The Voice Tops Tuesday Ratings with Season Finale
Another big night for the singing competition despite declining numbers.
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"Afterlife with Archie" To Get A Film Or Show
Archie Comics Jon Goldwater participated in a Reddit AMA this week and was asked various questions about Afterlife With Archie, the popular horror spin-off of the classic comic series. One surprising revelation in the Q&A was that
First Look: Chastain In "Crimson Peak"
Though shot a while back, weve yet to really see anything from Guillermo del Toros foray into classic haunted house gothic horror with Crimson Peak at Legendary Pictures. Today, a scan from an EW article has gone online giving us
Final Trailer: "American Sniper"
The first trailer for Clint Eastwoods American Sniper remains one of the best previews of the year, even though it was essentially a single scene sequence. Today, Warner Bros. Pictures has unveiled the full trailer for the movie which is
"Afterlife with Archie" To Get A Film & Show
Archie Comics Jon Goldwater participated in a Reddit AMA this week and was asked various questions about Afterlife With Archie, the popular horror spin-off of the classic comic series. One surprising revelation in the Q&A was that
First Trailer: "True Story"
Ahead of its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival next month, Fox Searchlight has released the first trailer for director Rupert Goold‘s upcoming dark drama True Story. Based on real events, Jonah Hill plays a disgraced New York Times journalist
"Orphan Black" S3 Dated, New Trailer
BBC America has unveiled a specially crafted teaser trailer for the third season of its acclaimed sci-fi drama Orphan Black. Tatiana Maslany reprises her multiple clone roles in the trailer, along with another face who will be
Steam Controller Gets Another Redesign
After offering an initially quite bold and revolutionary design, Valves upcoming Steam Controller has seen at least three key redesigns with a diagram of the latest incarnation leaking out today.The initial controller sported a very original if
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First Look: Chastain in Guillermo del Toro’s Gothic Horror, Crimson Peak
Guillermo del Toro, last seen pitting massive mechs and kaiju against each other will return next October with Crimson Peak, a decidedly more intimate, 19th century haunted house film he’s said recalls The Haunting and has described as a Gothic
U.S. Trailer! U.S. Date! David Robert Mitchell’s Stunner, It Follows
Just yesterday, I sang the praises of David Robert Mitchell’s unsettling It Follows, a film I truly believe to be a new American horror great. Now, just after the UK trailer debuted, the official U.S. trailer and U.S. release for
EXCL: Cover and Reversible Art, DVD Date for Hollywood Horror Starry Eyes
Grotesque, seductive and exhilarating, Hollywood horror Starry Eyes is one of the best genre films of the year. Meshing body horror, frightening ambition and experience as Hollywood outsiders, directors Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer crafted a monstrous, pulsating debut that
Watch 40+ Min Conversation with British Terror Great, Pete Walker
Last November, London’s Cigarette Burns Cinema—the Josh Saco-headed screening program championing genre gems, both celebrated and overlooked—took over cultural institution Barbican Centre for a month-long series of films by British horror great and exploitation notable Pete Walker. ‘House of Walker’
Netflix Horrors: The Latest Titles Aded to Instant – December 18th
I suspect a ton of readers appreciated this mini-column, begun by Ryan as a way to keep you current with the genre titles hitting Netflix Instant. And so I’ll continue, as it seems a perfect way to reacquaint ourselves with
Recap: American Horror Story: Freak Show — 410, ‘Orphans’
The focus of “Orphans” is Pepper. Salty, her “husband” from a non-legal ceremony performed by Elsa, dies of a supposed stroke in the middle of the night. We don’t find out if his death was truly natural causes or not,
Cronenberg’s The Fly Gets Comic Book Sequel from IDW
Though Fox passed on David Cronenberg’s scripted sequel to his 1986 monsterpiece The Fly, publisher IDW has seen fit to continue the story (albeit differently) on the page.  Out this March from IDW is The Fly: Outbreak, written by Brandon
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iconSuperhero Hype!

Colin Trevorrow Teases Jurassic World’s New Dinosaur
When the trailer debuted for Jurassic World three weeks ago, it confirmed a long-standing rumor that in the context of the film, the owners of the park had done a
Batman: Arkham Knight’s Titular Villain Lands on the Cover of Edge
Edge Magazine has debuted the cover to their latest issue and the titular big bad for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight is front and center. Check it out
Most Craved on Beetlejuice 2, Pirates 5 and The Walking Dead Spinoff
2014 may be winding down, but the future of entertainment on both the big and small screens is looking awfully bright with news
Evangeline Lilly Talks Squashing Ant-Man Worries, Teases Heist Elements
Ant-Man star Evangeline Lilly has spoken previously about her trepidation of working on the film following the departure of Edgar Wright. Now, Lilly has opened up about another unfounded fear she
A New Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Clip is Here
Following a first clip back in October and a full trailer earlier this month, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, and DC Entertainment have released a new clip from their
David Cronenberg’s The Fly Returns at IDW
IDW is asking fans of David Cronenberg’s 1986 masterpiece The Fly to once again be afraid. Be very afraid. In March, the publisher will release the first issue of “The Fly: Outbrek,”
New Jurassic World Still Reveals Chris Pratt and Dinosaur Co-Star
We’re less than six months away from the grand opening of Universal Pictures’ much-anticipated franchise sequel, Jurassic World! If the recent trailer wasn’t enough to get you excited, director Colin Trevorrow has today
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Directors & Their Troops: Angelina Jolie on Her ‘Unbroken’ Team
“Unbroken” director Angelina Jolie says there is one reason why she and Universal could assemble such a great team of artisans: Louis Zamperini, the World War II hero the movie is based on. “We were all there because we cared
Cary Fukunaga, Winona Ryder, Edgar Wright Named Sundance Jury Members
Cinematographer Lance Acord, film editor Sarah Flack, “True Detective” director Cary Fukunaga, actress Winona Ryder and “The World’s End” director Edgar Wright have been named as the dramatic feature jury members at next month’s Sundance Film Festival. The Sundance Institute
Leslie Moonves Joins USC School of Cinematic Arts Board of Councilors
CBS prexy-CEO Leslie Moonves has joined the board of councilors for the USC School of Cinematic Arts. “Les is an innovator whose insights and creative energy are legendary,” said SCA Dean Elizabeth M. Daley. “His experience spans the entire media landscape so
Paramount Acquires Spec From Anthony Mackie and Justin Simien
Paramount Pictures has acquired the spec “Make a Wish” with Anthony Mackie attached to star and “Dear White People” director Justin Simien on board to direct. The spec was written by Zach Frankel and was selected to the 2014 Blacklist
‘Team America’ Screenings Canceled in Wake of Sony Hack
“Team America: World Police” won’t strike a blow for freedom of speech after all. Alamo Drafthouse defiantly replaced “The Interview” with a Dec. 27 screening of the 2004 satire after “The Interview” was yanked from screens over a terrorist threat.
Two More Sony Ex-Employees File Class Action Suit Against Studio
Two more ex-employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment have filed a class action suit against Sony Pictures Entertainment, alleging negligence in the studio’s handling of protection against cyber attacks. The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday in federal court in Los Angeles, also
Broadway’s ‘Cabaret’ Hits the Road in 2016
The Broadway revival of “Cabaret” will launch a national tour in January 2016, springing off the attention the show has attracted with starring stints from original topliner Michelle Williams and current star Emma Stone. Roundabout Theater Company, the nonprofit that produced the Broadway
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Paramount Cancels Alamo Drathouse's 'Team America' Screenings
Well, the good news bear just keep on delivering us sweet, sweet honey! Yesterday, following Sony Pictures decision to pull The Interview from release on Christmas Day (with no plans to release the film on VOD or home video in
First Look: Jessica Chastain Gets Gothic in del Toro's 'Crimson Peak'
If the blockbuster action of giant monsters fighting human-controlled robots didnt do anything for you in Pacific Rim, then you might be a little more interested in director Guillermo del Toro returning to the horror genre with Crimson Peak. Taking
Jonah Hill & James Franco in Trailer for Sundance Selection 'True Story'
I want to tell you my side of this. Fox Searchlight has premiered a trailer for Rupert Goolds film True Story, starring Jonah Hill and James Franco as adversaries of sorts. Based on the real life memoirs of NY Times
Bradley Cooper Struggles in War in Second 'American Sniper' Trailer
Would you be surprised if I told you that the Navy has credited you with over 160 kills? Bradley Cooper has been the focus of some major awards buzz for his turn in Clint Eastwoods modern war drama American Sniper,
Watch: Moviejerk Takes a Look Back at 'The Best of Cinema 2014'
Weve featured some cool retrospective videos looking back at the films of 2014, like Sleepy Skunks 2014 Movie Trailer Mash-Up and Nick Bosworths Final Cut 2014. The next video were featuring is a little more selective about the films used
First Trailer for Peter Strickland's New Film 'The Duke of Burgundy'
This is all I have dreamed about... IFC has debuted the first trailer for Peter Stricklands new film The Duke of Burgundy, a seductive and creepy little thriller. Stricklands last film was the mesmerizing Berberian Sound Studio with Toby Jones,
Check Out Poster Posse's Awesome 'Alien' 35th Anniversary Artwork
Throughout the year, weve featured some cool artwork from Poster Posse hyping up films like Disneys Big Hero 6, Christopher Nolans Interstellar and Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy. But the latest efforts of artists paying tribute to films with their
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