Watch: ‘The Babadook’ Offers a Great Holiday Greeting Video
We’ve praised The Babadook since Sundance. It landed on Angie’s “Best Performances of 2014” list and our “50 Great Movies From 2014” list, and (spoiler) it’ll be on my ranked top ten of 2014, too. In short: see it! (Even
Kate Winslet Could Join Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs Biopic
And now, an update on the Aaron Sorkin/Danny Boyle Steve Jobs film that doesn’t come from a leaked e-mail. After Jessica Chastain and Natalie Portman passed on a role, it seems Oscar winner Kate Winslet is the latest actress up
Superhero Bits: Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wonder Woman, Groot
Will the red suit appear in Netflix’s Daredevil? Could Hawkeye be showing up in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? How does he, along with Captain America, Hulk and Black Widow, look different in Avengers: Age of Ultron? Will Peter Jackson ever direct a
First Look: Mark Wahlberg Gets Wet in ‘Ted 2′; Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Hang Out in ‘Sist(...)
Ted 2 may not have the name-brand recognition of an Avengers or the budget of a Star Wars, but it is the only sequel of 2015 that has a foul-mouthed teddy bear as one of its leads. The first image
New Images: ‘Jurassic World’, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, ‘Furious 7′, ‘Inside Out’, (...)
So what if January 1 is still a couple of weeks away? Get an early start on celebrating the New Year with this big batch of new photos from some of 2015′s most highly anticipated releases, including Jurassic World, Mad
Robert Rodriguez Will Make His First Fantasy Epic ‘Fire and Ice’ With Sony
Ralph Bakshi, the animator who did films like Wizards and the first adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, used an early rotoscope animation technique to create the fantasy story Fire and Ice, which adopted character designs by artist Frank
Rare Footage Offers Intimate Behind the Scenes Look at 1977 ‘Star Wars’
Star Wars is one of those franchises where almost nothing you discover about it is new. Whether it be a cool inside fact, image, or whatever, odds are it’s been out there years, possibly decades. Maybe it’s new to you
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iconComing Soon

Bradley Cooper is a Hero in a New American Sniper Clip
The Clint Eastwood film hits theaters in a limited release December 25, everywhere January 16The post Bradley Cooper is a Hero in a New American Sniper Clip appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in the Trailer for Get Hard
The comedy Get Hard hits theaters on March 27, 2015The post Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in the Trailer for Get Hard appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
CS Video: Tim Burton, Amy Adams and More on Big Eyes
With Christoph Waltz, Jason Schwartzman, Krysten Ritter & Danny HustonThe post CS Video: Tim Burton, Amy Adams and More on Big Eyes appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Hotel Transylvania 2 Delivers its Own Holiday Video!
From Sony Pictures Animation, Drac, Mavis and JonathanThe post Hotel Transylvania 2 Delivers its Own Holiday Video! appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Here’s Exactly What’s Going on Right Now with The Interview
President Obamas thoughts on the matter and Sony Pictures response suggest the film is on the way!The post Here’s Exactly What’s Going on Right Now with The Interview appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
A New Animated Video Offers Christmas Greetings from The Babadook!
How the dook Stole Christmas features the return of Jennifer Kents terrifying creatureThe post A New Animated Video Offers Christmas Greetings from The Babadook! appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Ghostbusters Star Ernie Hudson to Play Poseidon On Once Upon a Time
And the King has an unexpected daughterThe post Ghostbusters Star Ernie Hudson to Play Poseidon On Once Upon a Time appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
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iconLatino Review

New Pics for Marvel's 'Daredevil'
It’s been eleven years since Ben Affleck’s Daredevil.This time around, Charlie Cox dons the “Daredevil” costume for Netflix slated for release next year.Entertainment Weekly has the two images showing Cox
Latino-Review Takes ‘The Maze Runner’ Challenge
We are survivors of The Glade.The movie “The Maze Runner” is based on a novel written by James Dashner. The film started with Thomas being brought up from an underground
Film Review: Annie
A new film of the musical Annie comes out this week, starring Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx. Some online commentators have objected to the decision to change the main characters
Exclusive Interview with Blake Robbins for ‘The Sublime and Beautiful’
No parent should ever endure the loss of their children from a horrific accident.Veteran actor Blake Robbins makes his directorial debut in the drama “The Sublime and Beautiful.” Robbins also
STAR WARS: The Phasma Menace
House-Keeping! Barring significant Star Wars news (and I’m not sure what the bar for “significant” is, but I’ll know it if I see it) this is gonna be the last
First Look Image for ‘Ted 2’
The lovable foul-mouth teddy bear is back in “Ted 2.”Entertainment Weekly had the first look image feature Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarclane) and Mark Wahlberg in their scuba diving suits.Plot
Trailer Hits for 'Get Hard'
Warner Bros. Pictures has releleased the trailer for Get Hard starring Will Ferrell, Craig T. Nelson, Kevin Hart, Tip T.I. Harris, and Alison Brie.Film is directed by Etan Cohen from a screenplay he along with Jay Martel,
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Robert Rodriguez Officially Set For Fire And Ice
Sony has bought the projectIt’s four years since Robert Rodriguez announced he was looking to mount a live-action remake of ‘80s animated adventure
Anthony Mackie Will Make A Wish
Hes set for a new comedyAnyone who has seen Anthony Mackie in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, or indeed most of his movies, knows he
Tak3n Becomes A 12A
Bryan Mills adds killing with kindness to his skills...Liam Neeson does not look happy. Admittedly, Bryan Mills often looks peeved or displeased, but that’s the nature of
New American Sniper Trailer Online
Bradley Cooper shoots to killThough it was initially thought that American Sniper might generate some fresh awards chatter around Bradley Cooper, who threw himself into the central role, so far the film,
Bill Murray Will Sing As Baloo For Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book
He knows the Bare NecessitiesAs Disney continues to raid its animated archives for film properties it can turn into live-action spectacles
True Story Trailer Arrives
James Franco has a tale to tellWith his constant barrage of side projects in film and on paper, it’s a wonder that James Franco has time to appear in other people’s movies. But
First Look At Jessica Chastain In Crimson Peak
Shes dressed to impressThose who attended this year’s San Diego Comic-Con got a look at some elements from Guillermo del Toro’s new gothic horror Crimson Peak, mostly props and
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Watch this horrific holiday greeting from The Babadook
The praise for director Jennifer Kent’s THE BABADOOK is showing no signs of stopping and rightfully so. I’ve watched the horror film twice now and I can honestly say it was even better the second time
first Ted 2 image features Mark Wahlberg and Ted taking in some Scuba diving
Seth MacFarlane’s TED went on to gross over $500 million worldwide, becoming one of the most successful R-rated comedies of all-time. A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST had a similar budget of $40-$50 million
Kate Winslet in talks for female lead in Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs biopic
The upcoming Danny Boyle-directed Steve Jobs biopic, a former Sony Pictures project, is moving right along at Universal Pictures as more casting talk is underway. At this point we know for sure (for now) that Michael
Rumor: WB developing six Wonder Woman scripts simultaneously
A little while back, we heard a rumor that Warner Bros was developing two screenplays for AQUAMAN at the same time. The theory was they would see which script was more to their liking with the
Simon Pegg is an assassin for hire in the trailer for Kill Me Three Times
Who doesnt love Simon Pegg? Whether he is playing with the big boys in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE or STAR TREK, Pegg has always brought something special and unique to tons of films like HECTOR AND THE SEARCH
Kevin Hart helps Will Ferrell Get Hard in this first trailer
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are two actors who fall into the love em or hate em category in movies. Ferrell seems to more often be in the love area while there is a lot of
Obama on The Interview cancellation: "Sony made a mistake"
Now that the FBI has released confirmation that North Korea is behind the Sony hacks and threats regarding the release of THE INTERVIEW, President Obama has issued statements via his year end press conference regarding his
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iconAin't It Cool News

Tim Meadows, JJ Abrams, Ken Burns & Pussy Riot!!
Tim Meadows, JJ Abrams, Ken Burns & Pussy Riot!! More than Celebrities Who Appeared On Thursday’s Final COLBERT REPORT!!Read the full article on AICN I am – Hercules!!Jeff Daniels and Sam Waterson showed up, but not Olivia Munn or Jim
Tsui Hark's THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN looks like a thrilling flick from this trailer!
Can't wait to see the latest from Tsui Hark!Read the full article on AICN Hey folks, Harry here...University of Texas graduate and founder of the Hong Kong film movement, Tsui Hark has a new film that is getting limited distribution
KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE waxed BNATTERS' ass & has a new International Trailer!!!
The best new film to play BNAT16 was KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE... they kill a world leader spectacularly too!Read the full article on AICN Hey folks, Harry here... You might have heard, that this past weekend, I screened some movies for
There's actually a movie at the center of the chaos, Capone reviews THE INTERVIEW
Daring to remember that there's actually a movie at the center of the chaos, Capone reviews THE INTERVIEWRead the full article on AICN Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. “omehow, we have allowed North Korea to dictate content, and that
Sony And Rodriguez To Live Actionize Bakshi’s FIRE AND ICE!!
A new adaptation of a 1983 animated film.Read the full article on AICN Sony Pictures is working with Robert Rodriguez to realize a live-action adaptation of the 1983 animated adventure FIRE AND ICE as part of… …a big package that gives
Capone willingly steps into the very scary family-horror-drama world of THE BABADOOK
Capone willingly steps into the very scary family-horror-drama world of THE BABADOOKRead the full article on AICN Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. The reason that so many people (critics and non-critics alike) are responding to and being willingly scared
Is Wahlberg Back For More TRANSFORMERS??
A recent interview with MTV seems to answer that question.Read the full article on AICN Michael Bay & Co. rebooted the bigscreen TRANSFORMERS franchise with last Summer’s AGE OF EXTINCTION, the fourth entry in the live action film saga and
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iconMTV Movies

Angelina On Directing Brad In A Sex Scene: ‘He Knows What I Need’
Angelina Jolie tells MTV News what it was like to direct husband Brad Pitt in a sex scene...with her.
Upset About ‘The Interview’? Here’s One Way You Can Fight Back
If youre upset about The Interview being shelved, heres one way you can fight back.
Why Hanukkah Is Basically ‘300’ (And Every Other Action Movie) For Jews
This holiday is way more badass than playing dreidel would lead you to believe.
A Brief History Of North Korea’s Bizarre Relationship With American Entertainment
The Interview isnt the first time that North Korea and American media have come to blows.
Here Are The Perfect Gifts For The Undercover ‘Harry Potter’ Fan In Your Life
Check out these gifts for the sophisticated, undercover Harry Potter nerd in your life. Accio awesome.
The White House Is Considering A ‘Serious’ Response To The Sony Hack
The White House weighs in on the Sony hack, as well as the pulling of The Interview from theaters.
Mark Wahlberg Just Found A ‘Transformers’ Sequel
Mark Wahlberg weighs in on when Transformers 5 might start shooting.
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Rupert Wyatt Says He Hopes to Shoot ECHO CHAMBER Next Year or the Year After; 10-Part TV Series(...)
Director Rupert Wyatt’s been attached to Echo Chamber for quite a while now.  Back in 2012, it was reported that HBO was developing the miniseries, which would cover the true story of a British solider who infiltrates the Irish Republican
Obama Says Sony “Made a Mistake” By Pulling THE INTERVIEW
While weve been passing up more Sony stories than weve been posting this week (since were declining to publish gossip-y emails and speculative scoops related to the hack), the fact remains that there is some actual, material news coming out
Allison’s Other TV Bests of 2014
In my intro to last years Other TV Bests category, I said, if 2014 does even this half as well , things should look pretty good.  We have achieved it folks, and more than we could have asked for.  There
Watch David Fincher Discuss His Philosophy, ALIEN 3, Studio Reaction to FIGHT CLUB, THE SOCIAL (...)
A couple of months ago, filmmaker David Fincher was honored at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and took part in an interview onstage.  A portion of that interview has now been officially released online, and it’s full
Michael Pitt Not Returning for HANNIBAL Season 3; Will Be Replaced by Joe Anderson
A surprising casting change is underway for Hannibal Season 3.  Last year’s string of episodes for the most gorgeous show on television introduced the character of Mason Verger, with Michael Pitt wonderfully inhabiting the memorable role.  However, TV Line reports
New DAREDEVIL Netflix Show Images Reveal a Lawyer By Day, Superhero By Night
A couple of new Daredevil Netflix show images have landed online, giving fans a new look at the upcoming limited series from Marvel and the streaming service.  Spartacus alum Steven S. DeKnight acts as showrunner on the upcoming series, though
The folks at Hot Toys are taking part in the Toy Soul 2014 convention in Hong Kong today and have unveiled some images from the showroom floor, giving us looks at some new figures.  Notable collectibles include a giant Hulkbuster
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iconRotten Tomatoes

2014 Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards: Birdman Wins Big
The Las Vegas Film Critics Society announced their annual honors today, and Birdman dominated with a whopping seven trophies, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. However, the other awards season darling thus far, Boyhood, came way curiously empty-handed,
Weekly Ketchup: Cyber Attacks Shut Down The Interview
The week right before Christmas is supposed to be a joyous one, but Hollywood was an industry rocked by surprising decisions about the comedy The Interview that set scary precedents. The Weekly Ketchup covers those events, and seven other of
Sony Hackers Gloat After The Interview Is Pulled
Where do we go from here?
The Colbert Report Departs with Star-Studded Finale
A sweet -- and fittingly surreal -- sendoff for the next host of CBS Late Show.
Mark Hamill Makes Surprise Appearance at Jason Reitman's Empire Strikes Back Live Reading
At last, a chance for Luke to play the Emperor.
Robert Rodriguez Wields Fire and Ice
Hell direct a live-action version of the animated Ralph Bakshi effort.
Amber Tamblyn Wraps Paint It Black
Tamblyn makes her directorial debut with an adaptation of the book by White Oleander author Janet Fitch.
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Dark Doctrine: "Sex, 'Sons' & Basic Cable"
Theres been some gruesome sights on TV in recent years. Hannibal sported Mason Verger feeding bits of his face to his dogs and then himself, that infamous exploding head scene from Game of Thrones, the violent murders
Feige Talks Marvel's Phase 3 Slate Reveal
Following yesterdays big announcement of Marvel Studios slate of Phase Three films from Captain America: Civil War opening May 2016 through to Avengers: Infinity War Part II opening May 2019, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige sat down
Fall 2014 TV Series Premiere Dates
As Summer dies down, the new Fall TV season is set to kick off shortly with many series both old and new set to be launched in the United States and the United Kingdom over the next
Garth's Best Game Trailers of E3 2014: Part One
E3 is over for another year, and this one showcased a bunch of new footage from all sorts of games due out this Fall and in 2015. After watching as many as I could, Ive come up
Sony Cancels "The Interview"... Volume Two
This weeks key story of Sony cancelling the release of Seth Rogen and James Francos controversial satire The Interview keeps changing and throwing up new developments every hour it seems. For the events through until Wednesday night,
News Bits: Transformers, Alvin, Damned, Selma
Transformers 5Mark Wahlberg tells MTV News that hes committed to doing a couple more films in the Transformers franchise. Asked when hell get to work on the next one, he says: I cant speak for Mr. Bay,
TV News: Gotham, Broadchurch, Fortitude, Clips
GothamThe first photos are out from the mid-season premiere of FOXs Batman prequel series Gotham, with the new shots including the teaming of the characters who will become Catwoman and Poison Ivy. The episode, entitled Rogues Gallery,
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How the ‘Dook Stole Christmas, A Season’s Greeting from The Babadook
What’s most menacing about The Babadook is its incredible storybook sequence. The gleeful rhyming with such malicious intent, the wide, hungry smile of a confrontational animated creature. Look, here’s a Season’s Greetings done in that style!  IFC has sent out a
Bates Motel Teases Season Three in New Promo
What’s the reference game like in Bates Motel, a show which continues to elude me, like? Having not watched since the first season, I’m admittedly entirely unsure of its current timeline, and thus entirely unsure if this new promo for Season Three
Watch: Fantastic Horror-Comedy Short, The Grey Matter
This past November, I was lucky enough to co-program the MIDNITE Block of Nitehawk Shorts Fest, the annual celebration of stellar shorts filmmakers and shorts filmmaking at Brooklyn’s great Nitehawk Cinema. One of the standouts of a truly stacked lineup
The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Teaser Trailer is Here!
Activision and Sledgehammer Games have revealed a new teaser trailer for their upcoming DLC Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies! Check it out in the player below.  Untrained
Legendary and Trick ‘r Treat Director Send Teaser Krampus Cards
By virtue of being the second feature film from Michael Dougherty, the director of contemporary Halloween staple Trick ‘r Treat, Krampus is already one of the most highly anticipated horror films of 2015. Add to that the fact that it’s
Bruce Campbell talks Sequel Series, Ash vs. Evil Dead
Fandom was effectively rocked this November when it was officially announced Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert would return to the world of Evil Dead for a 10-episode series to debut in 2015. Titled Ash vs. Evil Dead, the
UK Chiller The Borderlands is now Final Prayer; Hits February 2015
Elliot Goldner’s Final Prayer (aka The Borderlands) is a truly eerie affair, standing above the current glut of POV/found footage horror with a folk sensibility and killer sound design. Unfortunately the rural-set UK horror hasn’t had a chance to make
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iconSuperhero Hype!

Charlie Cox is the Man Without Fear in New Daredevil Images
Marvel Entertainment (via EW) has revealed two more images from their upcoming Netflix series “Marvel’s Daredevil,” both featuring Charlie Cox as the titular hero albeit in two very different uniforms.
Check Out Six Promo Photos from Gotham’s Mid-Season Premiere
FOX has released the first promo images from the mid-season premiere of “Gotham” which you can check out in the gallery viewer below. Titled “Rogues’ Gallery,” the episode is officially
Hot Toys Reveals New Collectibles from Star Wars, Avengers: Age of Ultron and More!
Hot Toys has just released a series of images taken today at Toy Soul 2014 in Hong Kong, revealing new collectibles from Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and the
Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Cast and Crew Say Thank You From the Set
Back in May, Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams gave fans their very first look at the set of the much-anticipated franchise sequel via a video designed to
Mark Wahlberg Thinks He’ll be Back ‘Soon’ for Transformers 5
This year, Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction grossed more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office. Today, the film’s leading man, Mark Wahlberg, tells MTV that not only does he think
Mark Wahlberg Thinks He’ll Back “Soon” for Transformers 5
This year, Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction grossed more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office. Today, the film’s leading man, Mark Wahlberg, tells MTV that not only does he think
Colin Trevorrow Teases Jurassic World’s New Dinosaur
When the trailer debuted for Jurassic World three weeks ago, it confirmed a long-standing rumor that in the context of the film, the owners of the park had done a
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Craig Ferguson Signs Off ‘Late Late Show’ with Jay Leno, Homage to Classic TV Finales
A wistful Craig Ferguson wrapped a 10-year run on CBS’ “The Late Late Show” on Friday with a surprise closing segment that paid tribute to a handful of classic TV series finales. SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you haven’t seen
Film Review: ‘Poker Night’
The cops’ bullish bravado, multiple narrators, incessant reversals of fortune, and endless flashbacks within flashbacks create a sense of overload that’s meant to be giddily outré, but grows empty and fatiguing instead.
China’s Wanda Opens First Movie Theme Park in Wuhan
Chinese property and entertainment giant lays down challenge to Disney, DreamWorks as it unveils Twin Treasures theme park and Han Show
Digital Tracking: ‘The Hobbit’s’ Five Armies to Plunder Box Office
Does digital data offer indicators that can be used to monitor marketing effectiveness and predict box office success even before awareness turns into intent? Moviepilot – which studies social data and box office trends – analyzes this weekend’s new movies
Sony Pictures’ Michael Lynton Thanks Employees for Work During ‘Incredibly Taxing’ Period
In a note before the holiday break, Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton has thanked studio employees for their work in the wake of the massive cyber attack that forced the cancellation of “The Interview” release. “I am enormously grateful
Sony Rejected Theaters’ Proposal to Debut ‘The Interview’ in Limited Release
As threats of violence imperiled the Christmas debut of “The Interview,” Canadian exhibitor Cineplex and other U.S. chains urged Sony Pictures earlier this week to consider opening the comedy in roughly 20 theaters before releasing it more broadly. They believed
Academy’s Music Branch Still Wrestles With Rules Change
Last year’s much-talked-about disqualification of a song nominee prompted rule changes for the 2014 Oscars, but they remain controversial for some of the Academy’s 240-member music branch. “Alone Yet Not Alone,” from a little-seen, faith-based film, was yanked from the
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See How 'The Babadook' Stole Christmas in Horror Holiday Card
We just told you how to scare your kids this holiday season by picking up the prop replica of the titular book from the indie horror sensation The Babadook, and now its time to scare up Christmas a little more.
Interview: 'Citizenfour' Director Laura Poitras on Storytelling in Docs
One of this years must see documentaries is Citizenfour, directed by Laura Poitras, an inside look at the story of whistblower Edward Snowden. Poitras was contacted by Snowden early on and was right there with him, filming the entire event,
Cover Page of Ridley Scott's 'The Martian' Script Shot into Space
While Ridley Scotts Biblical epic Exodus: Gods & Kings is still in theaters, the hype machine has already been started for the directors next film The Martian, and its literally out of this world. Empire reports that the December 5th
Here's the 9 Films that Made the Academy's Foreign Language Shortlist
The awards continue marching on, and the latest development comes straight from The Academy. They have announced (via Variety) the nine official films shortlisted for the Best Foreign Language Film. That means these nine make the cut, and will proceed
President Obama Says Sony Shouldn't Have Pulled 'The Interview'
This morning, President Barack Obama participated in a news conference regarding the cyber attack against Sony Pictures after the FBI had officially made a statement implicating North Korea was responsible for the hacking of the motion pictures studio, the leaking
Simon Pegg Has Assassin Troubles in 'Kill Me Three Times' Trailer
How the fuck did it come to this? After drunkenly fighting an invading alien race in The Worlds End and saving Starfleet and San Francisco in Star Trek Into Darkness, this time Simon Pegg is getting a little more grounded
Sarah Michelle Gellar is Mental in 'Veronika Decides to Die' Trailer
After facing monsters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and creepy ghosts in The Grudge, this time Sarah Michelle Gellar finds terror in her own mind. Veronika Decides to Die is an adaptation of Paulo Coelhos book of the same name,
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