‘Fantastic Four’: Philip Glass Writing Score, Josh Trank Cites David Cronenberg as Influence
When it rains, it pours. The very first official images from Fantastic Four hit today, and now we have even more new details from the so-far mysterious superhero movie. Director Josh Trank has confirmed that Philip Glass is scoring the
First Look: ‘Fantastic Four’ Behind-the-Scenes Images Reveal Human Torch Costume
Of the three major superhero films opening this summer, Fox’s Fantastic Four is the most mysterious. We’ve yet to see a still or poster, let alone a full-fledged trailer. Happily, that starts to change today with the first official behind the
‘Turbo Kid’ Sundance Trailer Zips Through a Post-Apocalyptic 1997
You can’t throw a rock at Sundance without hitting a coming-of-age tale, but it’s safe to say Turbo Kid is different from most. The Park City at Midnight entry follows an orphaned boy (Munro Chambers) in a retro-futuristic, post-apocalyptic 1997.
Chris Weitz to Write ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff
Another screenwriter is rocketing off to a galaxy far, far away. Chris Weitz is set to pen the Star Wars standalone being directed by Gareth Edwards, following Gary Whitta‘s departure a couple weeks ago. More on the Star Wars Chris
Daniel Brühl’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Role Revealed?
Ever since Daniel Brühl was cast in Captain America: Civil War, theories have been flying fast and heavy about whom he might be playing. Meanwhile, Marvel’s keeping mum. But another source may have just confirmed what many of us already
Edgar Wright Rewriting Steampunk ‘Oliver Twist’ Sequel ‘Dodge and Twist’
Even as Edgar Wright preps his next two directorial efforts, he’s found time to work on another screenplay. Wright has submitted a rewrite of Dodge and Twist, an action-oriented steampunk sequel to Charles Dickens‘ Oliver Twist. Think Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes,
Ryan Reynolds Says ‘Deadpool’ Is The Movie They Wanted To Make
Ryan Reynolds is currently appearing on screens at the Sundance Film Festival but soon he’ll put on the red and black and be Deadpool. It’s a film years and years in the making and at the festival, Reynolds talked about
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Nick Jonas Joins the Killer Cast of FOX’s Upcoming Scream Queens
The series hails from Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian BrennanThe post Nick Jonas Joins the Killer Cast of FOX’s Upcoming Scream Queens appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Sundance Film Festival Diary – Day 4
Nasty Baby, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Unexpected, I Smile Back The post Sundance Film Festival Diary – Day 4 appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Starling City is Under Assault in a New Arrow Clip
Midnight City airs this Wednesday, January 28 on The CWThe post Starling City is Under Assault in a New Arrow Clip appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Take a First Look at The Fantastic Four Costume Design!
Director Josh Trank describes the film as a Cronenberg-ian science fiction taleThe post Take a First Look at The Fantastic Four Costume Design! appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Chris Weitz Boards Gareth Edwards’ Standalone Star Wars Film
The Academy Award nominated scribe is best known for writing and directing About a BoyThe post Chris Weitz Boards Gareth Edwards’ Standalone Star Wars Film appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
The Trailer for The Man with the Iron Fists 2, Starring RZA
Coming to Blu-ray and DVD April 14The post The Trailer for The Man with the Iron Fists 2, Starring RZA appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
Check Out a New Clip from This Week’s Marvel’s Agent Carter
After a short break, the new series continues this Tuesday on ABCThe post Check Out a New Clip from This Week’s Marvel’s Agent Carter appeared first on ComingSoon.net.
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Live-Action ‘X-Men’ TV Series in the Works
More comic book-based television shows are coming.Certain sources told The Hollywood Reporter that preliminary conversations have begun to bring the X-Men to the small screen as a live-action television series
Josh Trank and Simon Kinberg Provides Details on ‘The Fantastic Four’ Reboot
The only thing everyone knows is “The Fantastic Four” reboot will definitely be different from the previous movie versions. The secrecy about the film is a bit tight, until now.In
'Desert Dancer' Trailer: Freida Pinto Risks Her Life For Dance
Save The Last Dance was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up. It wasnt just because Julie Stiles looked awesome dancing in circles, but the combination of
Robert Downey Jr. Talks 'Captain America: Civil War'
Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. offered some comments about his role in the upcoming Marvel film Captain America: Civil War. Downey talks about his willingness to be in this
Ryan Reynolds Talks ‘Deadpool’
While promoting his new film Mississippi Grind at the Sundance Film Festival, Ryan Reynolds spoke with MTV News about his upcoming role as Deadpool. The film, had been a long
Amy Adams Talks About Ben Affleck in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'
In a recent interview, Amy Adams talked about reprising her role as Lois Lane in Batman v Superman and Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman. According to Adams, Affleck is giving
David Tennant Set To Play Kilgrave In 'Marvel's A.K.A. Jessica Jones' for Netflix
Marvel and Netflix are proud to announce that David Tennant will star as the villainous Kilgrave in Marvels A.K.A. Jessica Jones, an all-new 13-episode series premiering on Netflix in 2015
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Daniel Brühl's Captain America: Civil War Role Revealed
Sound the spoiler klaxon!"With Daniels ability to deliver intense, nuanced performances, we knew we had found yet another great actor to share the screen with some of our biggest
Chris Weitz Hired For Gareth Edwards' Star Wars Stand-Alone
Hell write the new draft of the scriptIt’s only been a couple of weeks, but Gareth Edwards has already found someone new
Mission: Impossible 5 Moved Up To July
Christopher McQuarrie will deliver a little earlier than expected...Christmas is coming early this year. Well, not Christmas exactly – one of the films that
David Tennant Will Be Zebediah Kilgrave
In Marvel/Netflixs A.K.A. Jessica JonesWe’re more used to thinking of David Tennant as a perky, occasionally conflicted Time Lord or a world-weary police officer working
Fox Planning Live-Action X-Men TV Series
The mutants could be headed to the small screenThe X-Men comics series has been fertile territory for 20th Century Fox’s film arm, with movies kicking
David Tennant Will Be Zebediah Killgrave
In Marvel/Netflixs A.K.A. Jessica JonesWe’re more used to thinking of David Tennant as a perky, occasionally conflicted Time Lord or a world-weary police officer working
David Oyelowo In Negotiations For Hurricane Katrina Film
A likely reunion with Selma writer/director Ava DuVernayAfter working together for a second time on the Oscar-nominated Martin Luther King Jr. drama Selma,
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Review: Wild Card
PLOT: Nick Wild (Jason Statham) is a freelance Las Vegas bodyguard who dreams of retiring to Venice – a dream that is hampered by the fact that he’s a gambling addict and tends to burn through
TV Review: Gotham - Season 1 Episode 13 "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"
Episode 13: "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"Synopsis: When the key witness in a homicide ends up dead while being held for questioning by the police, Gordon suspects that it’s an inside job and looks to an old
This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Fury, The Judge, Downton Abbey
This week: Brad Pitt gives tanks, two Roberts overrule The Judge, and your annual Downton Abbey marathon is here.► The chaotic, claustrophobic FURY pieces together bits of battle lore for the tense tale of a five-man
First images from The Fantastic Four set as details are finally revealed
We have the first official look at a costume design for 20th Century Fox's upcoming reboot of THE FANTASTIC FOUR. As many of us were still wondering if this movie was real or not, this might
Chris Weitz set to write Gareth Edwards' Star Wars spinoff
After original writer Gary Whitta departed GODZILLA director Gareth Edwards' STAR WARS SPIN-OFF movie (after completing a draft), the film has now found a new writer to complete the script. Academy Award nominee Chris Weitz, the
Joss Whedon says it's doubtful he will return for Avengers: Infinity War
While it's still not official, the claim going around late last year that Joe and Anthony Russo were in talks to direct AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - PART 1 and PART 2 seems more and more likely.
Review: True Story (Sundance 2015)
PLOT: Michael Finkel (Jonah Hill) – a disgraced journalist – sees an opportunity to get his career back on track when an accused murderer, Christian Longo (James Franco) is captured while posing as Finkel, and later
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‘Peacock??’ Hercules Much Enjoys Tonight’s JUSTIFIED 6.2!!
‘Peacock??’ Hercules Much Enjoys Tonight’s JUSTIFIED 6.2!!Read the full article on AICN I am – Hercules!!Justified 6.2 FAQ What’s it called? “Cash Game.” Who’s responsible? Teleplay is credited to Dave Andron & VJ Boyd. What says FX? “Raylans investigation brings
David Letterman On REGIS!! Iron Man’s Dad Betrays AGENT CARTER!! New PARKS, JUSTIFIED, CHALLENGE!!
AICN COMICS PODCAST reviews TEEN TITANS! IVAR TIMEWALKER! X-FACTOR! & More!Read the full article on AICN Ambush Bug here. The below hour-plus long conversation took place between myself, Optimous Douche, and our host Johnny Destructo of PoptardsGo.com. This week they
Edgar Wright co-writing a steampunk heist film about grown-up Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger?!
Wright will write a fresh draft for the picture titled DODGE AND TWIST.Read the full article on AICN So, Ahmet Zappa (son of Frank) had an idea for a steampunk look at adult versions of Oliver Twist and his swindler
Gareth Edwards' STAR WARS spinoff lands itself another writer!
Chris Weitz will take over writing duties from Gary Whitta.Read the full article on AICN We learned a few weeks ago that Gary Whitta had concluded his work on Gareth Edwards’ STAR WARS spinoff, and had most likely left to
Longest!! Marathon!! Ever!! VH1 Classic To Air 433 Hours Of SNL Over 19 Days!!
Longest!! Marathon!! Ever!! VH1 Classic To Air 433 Hours Of SNL Over 19 Days!!Read the full article on AICN Saturday Night LiveI am – Hercules!!More than 780 SNL episodes have been produced, and VH1 Classics (yes, that’s a thing) just
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Angelina On Directing Brad In A Sex Scene: ‘He Knows What I Need’
Angelina Jolie tells MTV News what it was like to direct husband Brad Pitt in a sex scene...with her.
Upset About ‘The Interview’? Here’s One Way You Can Fight Back
If youre upset about The Interview being shelved, heres one way you can fight back.
Why Hanukkah Is Basically ‘300’ (And Every Other Action Movie) For Jews
This holiday is way more badass than playing dreidel would lead you to believe.
A Brief History Of North Korea’s Bizarre Relationship With American Entertainment
The Interview isnt the first time that North Korea and American media have come to blows.
Here Are The Perfect Gifts For The Undercover ‘Harry Potter’ Fan In Your Life
Check out these gifts for the sophisticated, undercover Harry Potter nerd in your life. Accio awesome.
The White House Is Considering A ‘Serious’ Response To The Sony Hack
The White House weighs in on the Sony hack, as well as the pulling of The Interview from theaters.
Mark Wahlberg Just Found A ‘Transformers’ Sequel
Mark Wahlberg weighs in on when Transformers 5 might start shooting.
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MISSISSIPPI GRIND Review | Sundance 2015
Gamblers never win.  They may win in the short term with a big roll of the dice or flopping a full house, but they will always be consumed by an addiction that will ultimately negate any profit.  Mississippi Grind flirts
Directors Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell Talk TURBO KID
Three years ago, François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell, the writing-directing trio also known as RKSS, gave the ABCs of Death 26th director competition a shot.  Their short film, “T is for Turbo,” came very close, but didn’t make
GOTHAM Recap: “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”
Gothams latest episode welcomes Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) back to Detectives Row after the briefest of stints as a night guard at Arkham Asylum.  It also welcomes back the same old storytelling tropes and dramatic feedback loops that have plagued
Exclusive: Josh Trank and Simon Kinberg Talk THE FANTASTIC FOUR; Plus First Images From Set
 Last week, right before Sundance began, I landed an awesome exclusive interview with director Josh Trank and producer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg for The Fantastic Four, 20th Century Foxs highly anticipated superhero reboot starring Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell.  With the movie surrounded
THE WOLFPACK Review | Sundance 2015
Everyone wants to make sure his or her kids turn out alright.  It’s instinct as parents to try and protect your children from harm, and to ensure that they’re going to turn into decent people when they grow up.  But
LeBron James and NBC Team up for New Reality Competition Series
When it comes to primetime reality television, NBC is a contender, but certainly not king.  So now, the broadcast network is looking for some help for new programming from a king (of sorts): LeBron James.According to ESPN, James and his Springhill
With her work on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals Julie Plec has played a major role in crafting a supernatural saga beloved by fans the world over, and helped define the CW as a go-to network for fun genre television. For
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Chris Weitz Writing Star Wars Spinoff Movie
Weitz steps in for Gary Whitta, who wrote the first draft.
New on DVD & Blu-Ray: Fury, The Judge, Downton Abbey, and More
This week on home video, weve got David Ayers WWII tank actioner, a courtroom drama starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall, a visually impressive animated film, and the latest season of Downton Abbey. There are also a number of
The 10 Worst-Reviewed Best Picture Nominees
The Oscars are supposed to celebrate cinematic excellence, but it doesnt always work out that way; in fact, over the years, Academy voters have ended up nominating any number of movies whose reputations later took a nosedive. With the 87th
Mission: Impossible 5 Moves Up
Itll now open on July 31.
Fox Planning Live-Action X-Men Series
Negotiations are under way.
David Tennant Joins A.K.A. Jessica Jones
Hell play the villain in Marvels Krysten Ritter-led Netflix series.
Millie Brady Joins Clan of the Cave Bear
Shell lead Lifetimes adaptation of the hit book.
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"Fantastic Four" Costume Pics, Trailer News
20th Century Fox is set to debut the first trailer for its Fantastic Four reboot in cinemas in a few weeks with copies of Kingsman: The Secret Service, however you may get to see it sooner than
Hasbro Planning A "Gobots" Movie?
Hasbro has reportedly filed documents to the United States Patent & Trademark Office for a new GoBots trademark under distribution of motion pictures, ongoing television programs and toys, games and playthings, namely, toy vehicles and accessories for
Chris Weitz Pens "Star Wars" Spin-Off
Chris Weitz (About A Boy, Cinderella) is the latest writer to take a crack at the script for the upcoming Gareth Edwards-directed Star Wars spin-off film reports Heat Vision.Weitz will replace Gary Whitta, who exited the project
The 2014 Black List Winners
The full list of the seventy screenplays that made this years annual Black List has arrived. Now in its tenth year, the Black List celebrates the most liked un-produced screenplays currently available.Compiled from a poll of over
Gamescom 2014: Sony's Playstation 4
Whereas Microsofts presentation this morning for the Xbox One dealt with many pre-announced titles, Sonys press conference briefing this afternoon at the GamesCom 2014 convention in Germany seemed to be focused on newer titles.There wasnt a shocking
Gamescom 2014: Microsoft's Xbox One
Earlier this morning, Microsoft gave its press conference briefing at the GamesCom 2014 convention in Cologne, Germany where a bunch of announcements were made, new hardware bundles were shown, and a whole lot of trailers premiered.The biggest
Edgar Wright Pens Steampunk "Oliver Twist 2"
Edgar Wright has reportedly performed a re-write on Dodge and Twist, an action-centric, steampunk-style sequel to the Charles Dickens classic Oliver Twist says FilmDivider.Sounding like it takes the Dickens story and gives it a Guy Ritchies Sherlock
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Nick Jonas Joins the Cast of FOX’s Scream Queens
Nick Jonas (“Kingdom”) has been cast in a recurring role in “Scream Queens,” a new comedy-horror anthology series from Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan
Exclusive Art, Trailer: Brinke Stevens-starring Jonah Lives
Indie horror label Wild Eye Releasing announces the upcoming Jonah Lives, a tale of spirit boards and murder from beyond the grave starring beloved scream queen, Brinke Stevens. Here, Shock debuts the
John Carpenter’s Lost Themes Now Streaming
John Carpenter’s Lost Themes, the new, nine-track record from the master filmmaker and composer is now streaming online in full.  Untethered to any particular film, Lost Themes is Carpenter simply going at
Sundance: The Artful Adventures of Cop Car and White God
Jon Watts’ Cop Car makes a huge impression. Big titles smack the screen, a slick score over it, informed by the red and blue flashes of its titular vehicle. Then, wide open
Luke Evans Officially Departs The Crow Remake
Last month word first broke that actor Luke Evans may exit the upcoming remake of The Crow and now TheWrap is reporting that Evans has officially departed
Sundance Review: Eli Roth’s Knock Knock
In which Eli Roth stays in. The writer-director, whose films have a penchant for observing the wrongheaded who go out into the world and discover horror, is quite clearly and fascinatingly switching
The Teaser for Eli Roth’s Knock Knock, Starring Keanu Reeves
Eli Roth has revealed the teaser trailer for his upcoming film, Knock Knock, which had its premiere on Friday night at the Sundance
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Starling City is Under Assault in a New Arrow Clip
Hot on the heels of last week’s midseason premiere, “Arrow” is back this Wednesday with the 11th episode of season three. As you can see from the episode’s just released clip (check
Take a First Look at The Fantastic Four Costume Design!
Our first official look at the costume design for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four has arrived! Collider debuted the above image (which you can click on for a
Chris Weitz Boards Gareth Edwards’ Standalone Star Wars Film
Following the departure of formerly attached screenwriter Gary Whitta earlier this month, Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm, Ltd. have, according to a story today at The Hollywood Reporter, set Academy Award nominee
Check Out a New Clip from This Week’s Marvel’s Agent Carter
Following a brief, one week hiatus, “Marvel’s Agent Carter” is returning to ABC tomorrow night with an all-new episode. In the player below, you can check out a new clip
New Clip from The Flash Debuts With a Potential Heroic Tease
Ahead of tomorrow night’s episode of “The Flash,” The CW has released a clip which features Andrew Mientus as Hartley Rathaway, AKA Pied Piper. An interesting thing to note about the
Mission: Impossible 5 to Arrive Five Months Earlier!
With the latest franchise sequel having entered production last year, Paramount Pictures has some very exciting news today for Mission: Impossible fans. Mission: Impossible 5, formerly planned for release on
FOX is Bringing X-Men to Television with the Producers of 24
Back in October, a rumor popped up that FOX was looking to bring the X-Men to television in some form, and now TV Insider brings word that the network is in
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Sundance Film Review: ‘Princess’
Israeli drama plays out an unsettling scenario of underage sexuality in enigmatic, almost dreamlike terms.
Facebook Suffers 45-Minute Outage, Blames Own Technicians
Facebook went offline across much of the world for 45 minutes late Monday. Some users also found it difficult to access photo-sharing app Instagram. Normal service has now resumed. Facebook blamed its own technicians for the problem, while others pointed
Sundance Film Review: ‘Take Me to the River’
Clouds of displaced sexuality hover over the flowing rivers, fertile fields, and little girls on big horses in tyro helmer Matt Sobel’s Midwestern gothic tale.
Sundance Film Review: ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment’
An elaborate behavioral simulation spirals shockingly out of control — and to a lesser degree, so does the movie — in “The Stanford Prison Experiment,” a grimly staged dramatic reconstruction of Philip Zimbardo’s notorious 1971 scientific inquiry into the psychology of power and the
China Box Office: ‘Hobbit’ Confirms Opening Weekend Domination
“The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” crushed all rivals at the Chinese box office on its opening weekend of release.
Alibaba Pictures Warns of Losses as Chinese Actress Vicky Zhao Buys Stake
Alibaba Pictures Group, the movie division of Chinese e-commerce giant, has warned that full year losses would reach up to HK$600 million (US$77.4 million). It also revealed that actress Vicky Zhao has bought a substantial stake in the unit. In
CBS Orders ‘Rush Hour’ Drama Pilot, 2 More Comedies
CBS has ordered a drama pilot based on the “Rush Hour” action pic franchise starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. The Warner Bros. TV pilot was written by comedy vets Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick. “Rush Hour” director Brett Ratner
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First Look: Michael B. Jordan on Set of Josh Trank's 'Fantastic Four'
For anyone who has been wondering why we havent seen anything from Josh Tranks new adaptation of Fantastic Four, we finally have an answer. The director participated in an exclusive interview with Collider to discuss the film and clear some
Sundance 2015: 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' Touches the Heart
Its best not to get too sappy, but I cant help it with this film. It had me, and almost everyone in the theater, wiping away tears. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is another wonderful surprise gem from
'About a Boy' & 'Cinderella' Writer Boards First 'Star Wars' Spin-Off
After rumors swirled that Simon Kinberg was going to step up for the next round of writing for the first standalone Star Wars spin-off that will be directed by Godzilla helmer Gareth Edwards, another writer has the job instead. Gary
Ava DuVernay & David Oyelowo Reteam on Hurricane Katrina Drama
After teaming for the acclaimed Civil Rights drama Selma, director Ava DuVernay and star David Oyelowo arent going to let their Oscar snubs keep them down. THR reports they will reunite for a new project being developed at Participant Media
Paramount Bumps up 'Mission: Impossible 5' to Summer 2015 Date
After originally being set for release on Christmas Day this year, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions have just announced that Mission: Impossible 5 will arrive in theaters five months earlier. The studio has set a new release date of July
It's Finally Time for a Terrifying Family Trip with 'The Strangers 2'
Its been seven years since the spooky home invasion thriller The Strangers hit theaters, and the long-expected sequel is finally coming together. The Wrap reports The Strangers 2 now has a director in Marcel Langenegger, who directed the thriller Deception
Sundance 2015: Bel Powley Amazes in 'The Diary of a Teenage Girl'
In the world of indie films, the coming-of-age storyline is a popular one. But because were all different, maturing in ways that arent identical, that makes for a variety of great stories with similar themes. In this case, director Marielle
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